Why Dr. Mychaluk?

Why Dr. Mychaluk?

Dr. Paul Mychaluk's approach is multi-leveled and comprehensive.
The underlying causes of discomfort and illness in the body are addressed.
The goal is not to just remove pain
but to assist you in becoming stronger, healthier, and more balanced.
Dr. Mychaluk can assist you in creating a much more enjoyable experience in your body by clearing and removing the causes of:

Chronic Pain, Chronic Tiredness, Irritability, Depression, Eating Disorders, Arthritis. Fibromyalgia, Compromised Immune System, Colds & Flus, Learning Disabilities, Allergies, Chronic Tension & Anxiety, and Emotional issues interfering with relationships or job effectiveness.

In addition, he can assist you with:

  • Stabilizing your structure
  • Therapeutic exercises to maintain balance & increase strength
  • Clearing emotional blocks to healing
  • Selecting nutritional supplements to support your body's chemical & nutritional balance
  • Enjoying a healthier life!

Dr. Mychaluk's services provide:

  • Gentle, precise chiropractic care for the whole family
  • Complete Chiropractic care - spinal, sacral, cranial and extremities
  • Adjustments to cranial and extremities includes all bones of the face, skull, fingers, elbows, shoulders, toes, ankles, knees, hips, etc.
  • Stabilization of structure with enhanced flexibility and range of motion
  • Coordination & integration of brain-body structure
  • Alignment of the energetic body and the DC current, the electrical system of the body, often resulting in relief of many chronic physical ailments.
  • Clearing pain, disease and suffering and the underlying causes
  • Clearing unconscious and emotional blocks to healing
  • Nutritional supplements that support your body's chemical and nutritional balance
  • Customized Chiropractic rehabilitative exercise therapy

Dr. Mychaluk's success stands on:

  • 36 years of extensive knowledge and experience
  • A 100% referral based practice
  • Professional office and staff who are friendly and happy to serve you!