The Electrical Matrix SAMPLER Instructions


I started getting information back in 1989. An image came into my awareness. It looked like a figure of a human. It was comprised of spheres, boxes, and Pyramids. I assumed that it was to be used in a healing capacity. Through trial and error I discovered that the shapes could be used for balancing various parts of the body. About six years later I had discovered enough of these different geometric shapes that allowed me to create a workshop and teach a person how to utilize them for balancing their body. There was a progression of ways to utilize these shapes. I finally settled on using them with colors and a sound that would evoke universal energy that is to be used instead of our own energy. The colors that I settled on were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gold, silver, and white. The sound that I like to use was a Sanskrit sound that evokes the compassion of God, "Hu.” . However, people can use any sound that will allow them to use a higher form of energy outside of themselves. Some more common sounds are "Om.", "Peace,” "Love" and other words or sounds that bring people to a higher place of awareness. The sound does not have to be made out loud. Often, you do not want to be walking down the street saying "Hu.” Unless of course you do. Some people cannot visualize the colors, and just saying the name of the color is sufficient. Some people will not want to use a sound, and it probably can be done without it. However, it may take longer to have an effect.

To summarize, you would visualize the Shape on or around the body part, see the shape turn Colors, and generate the Sound. With practice these steps can be done simultaneously. These are the mechanics of using the matrices. I refer to the acronym of S/C/S when explaining each matrix.

Below you will find the instructions regarding each Electrical Matrix. I recommend that you print these instructions up and review them as you view each Electrical Matrix. (Hold your cursor over the link "The Electrical Matrix" in the green section to see the list of the links for each Electrical Matrix to be viewed.

I hope you enjoy learning about and sampling the following 10 Electrical Matrices which are among those being shared in the workshop. For a more in depth Electrical Matrix Consultation customized for you, please schedule an appointment by calling (610) 687-8280. There are a total of 51 Matrices shared in the Introductory Self-Healing Workshop, "The Electrical Matrix: Blueprint of the DC Current of the BodyTM".

The Manual and upgrades to the Manual are also available for purchase. For information on upcoming workshops click here. To purchase a manual, please call us at (610) 687-8280.

Thank you for your interest and I hope that what you have learned here assists you into greater levels of health and well-being.

Here are the Instructions:

Reminder: S/C/S = Visualize the Shape/See it turn Colors/Generate the Sound


The first one we want to look at is the Universal Matrix. This Matrix is composed of three cylinders running from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. The cylinders are clear to start with and then all three
cylinders change colors simultaneously. Employ S/C/S to activate them. This Matrix is used for protection from electromagnetic forces, such as when you're in a mall. It can also be used for general protection if you are going to encounter negative situations. You can practice using the Universal Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Matrix called Base Rectangles should be envisioned around the waist level and extend to the bottom of the feet. There are four boxes comprising this Matrix. You need to imagine yourself standing in the middle of them. The tips are touching one another so that your body is totally surrounded by these four rectangles. All four change colors simultaneously. Balance using S/C/S.This Matrix is used to bring muscular balance to the pelvis. The most common effect you’ll find is that the pelvis will automatically make itself level. If you are having difficulty balancing some body parts that fit within this Matrix you can use it along with the other Matrices to enhance their effect. If you are working with the hip joints you would use the Joint Matrix for the hips and the base rectangles as a support to the correction. You can practice using the Base Rectangles Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Pancreas Matrix is a polygon with the angle portion facing towards the liver. Envision the Matrix surrounding the pancreas. The pancreas, which is about six inches long and lies behind the stomach, has critical functions in regards to digestion and blood sugar levels. Pancreatic juice contains the following enzymes which are secreted via ducts into the small intestine.amylopsin for starches trypsin for proteins lipase for fat A series of scattered islets of cells throughout the pancreas also produce insulin which is used by the cells of the body to uptake glucose from the bloodstream. These scattered islets of cells also produce glucagon which instructs the liver to release the stored glycogen to raise the blood glucose levels. In addition, the gall bladder and the pancreas share a duct that feeds into the small intestine. This duct, if blocked, could cause severe damage to the pancreas. You can experiment with using the pancreas Matrix to bring balance to the electrical system, thereby enhancing the body’s natural ability to support good digestion and stable blood sugar levels.. As you use the Matrixyou can envision the pancreas, all of its ducts and islets of cells functioning normally or specifically focusing on functions of concern like adequate levelsof lipase for fat digestion, adequate regulation of your blood sugar. It is activated by using the S/C/S. You can practice using the Pancreas Polygon Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Adrenal Matrices are kidney bean shaped with the concave surface facing upwards. They are situated over the top of each kidney. Each may on occasion need to be balanced independently. They are rotated quickly or slowly in a horizontal plane during the S/C/S. Sometimes, the Adrenal Matrices spin like a top as you are doing the S/C/S. About the adrenal glands: The adrenal gland is a two-fold gland. The outer portion is the medulla and the inner portion is the cortex. The medulla creates the flight fight hormones of epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, and norepinephrine. It is released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress, as from fear or injury. It initiates many bodily responses, including the stimulation of heart action and an increase in blood pressure, metabolic rate, and blood glucoseconcentration. They stimulate the pancreas to produce glucagon which causes the liver to dump large amounts of glucose into the blood stream. They increase the heart rate, constrict the arterioles (small arteries), and dilate the bronchioles. Norepinephrine functions in arousal, energy, drive, stimulation, fight or flight. Norepinephrine deficiencies result in lack of energy, lack of motivation, first "state" called depression. The adrenal cortex produces over thirty hormones and is divided into three main areas: zona glomerulosa, zona fasciculata, and the zona reticularis. The following are some examples of each. Aldosterone controls how the kidney balances electrolytes. Cortisol is used to maintain carbohydrate and protein proportions relative to the needs of the body. This hormone is also produced in large amounts during times of stress. Malesecondary sex characteristics are governed by adrenosterone which builds muscle mass. If you feel stressed, use the Adrenal Matrices to prevent going out of balance from overstimulation of the adrenals. You can also use it along with the Thyroid Matrix before working out, to be sure the body gets the energy it needs. If you know what specifically needs to be balanced place theintention for those functions to be balanced while using the Adrenal Matrix. You can practice using the Adrenal Matrices by viewing them at this linkand following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Hypothalamus Matrix is located just below the Thalamus. The Matrix consists of a cube with a Pyramid on the top and bottom. As with the Thalamus, there no lines separating the base of the different shapes. It is energized as a unit using S/C/S.About The Hypothalamus The size of a cherry, it is located in the mid-brain, or diencephalon below the Thalamus, at the rear of the forebrain. Its primary function is homeostasis, or maintaining the body’s status quo. One unusual way that it monitors the body is that some of its sensors lack the blood-brain barrier. This allows them to monitor substances in the blood that would normally be shielded from neural tissue. Ultimately the hypothalamus can control every endocrine gland in the body, and can alter blood pressure (through vasopressin ), body temperature, metabolism (through TSH), and adrenaline levels (through ACTH). It regulates autonomic responses which are essentially all the unconscious responses of the body by controlling the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, increasing and decreasing the functioning of involuntary body responses such as: Heart rate, blood pressure, contractions of the bladder walls and intestinal walls, respiration, fat metabolism, regulation of body weight, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance, and controlling perspiration, making you shiver and sweat. It controls appetite. It contains olfactory centers. It plays a part in emotional and sexual responses. It relays sensory information to the cerebral cortex and regulates the perception of touch, pain, and temperature. If your mouth and tongue are dry and your blood has become more concentrated, this information is sent to the hypothalamus which sends out signals to signal thirst. It controls sleep, appetite and some emotions such as fear and pleasure. It is the main integration hub for controlling the internal organs. It coordinates the activities of the endocrine system, producing various hormones and regulating the pituitary gland. It is the bridge between the nervous and endocrine systems. The Hypothalamus Matrix can be used anytime you are working with anything glandular. Many women have found it help with menopausal symptoms. It may be needed to be used with upper and lower brain and on occasion the uterine and genital matrices. You can experiment with it for appetite and weight control. You can practice using the Hypothalamus Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Cell Level Memory Matrix is a long rectangular solid. It is envisioned within a muscle or groups of muscles. Occasionally it may even be needed within an organ or even a chakra. This Matrix is usually needed to clear memories which are inhibiting the function and healing of these muscles or organs. It also works well with spasmed muscles. The Matrix is worked the usual way through the S/C/S. It may be worth while to look up specific organs that are associated with emotions. I am presenting a short list of organs and a sample of the emotions that are usually correlated with them. Adrenals–Muddled Bladder–Miffed Gall Bladder–Resentment Heart–Inappropriate Emotions Kidney–Fear Large Intestine–Defensive Liver–Anger Lung–Grief Ovaries, Testes, Uterus, Prostate–Depleated Pancreas –Low Self Esteem Pituitary–Vivid Dreaming Small Intestine–Vulnerable Spleen–Over Sympathetic Stomach–Disgust Thyroid–Emotional Instability. You can practice using the Cell Level Memory Matrix by viewing it at this linkand following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Inflammation Matrix is used for any inflammatory condition that exists in the body. It is composed of a diamond shape with a curled ribbon inside. It is used by visualizing the Matrix surrounding the affected area, and running the S/C/S. If you have a joint, muscle, organ, acupuncture point, chakra imbalance, or pain any where else it is always good to check if an Inflammation Matrix would help balance the body. In an acute situation it may be necessary to repeat thisMatrix a number of times to see a change. You can practice using the Inflammation Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Glucose Regulating Pyramid is the next Matrix I would like to present to you. It is a Pyramid whose base starts at the back, behind the adrenals. As it goes forward, it comes into contact with the liver and pancreas. The point then comes out straight extending beyond the body about three inches. This Matrix helps regulate and balance these three organs responsible for the blood sugar level of the body. It works with the adrenals, the pancreas and the liver. I have found it useful when the blood sugar level drops or when there is an overindulgence of sweets. When using this Matrix, it is good to imagine the adrenals, the liver and the pancreas inside the Pyramid, all at the same time, as you use it. Energize it by using S/C/S. You can practice using the Glucose Regulating Pyramid by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


The Energy Helix is a long rectangle, capped with pyramids, that have no base, at either end. It has a DNA type helix inside of it. The helix attaches to the apices of both pyramids. It extends from the tip of the coccyx to the suboccipital notch, the little indentation at the center of the skull just above the neck. There is often pain, upon light palpation, at the tip of the coccyx when there is an imbalance. Correction is done by using the S/C/S. The function of the Energy Helix is to bring a balance of energy throughout the body. Some people have reported that they have felt blocks in their kundalini channel being cleared with the use of this Matrix. You can practice using the Energy Helix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.


Envision the Liver Matrix as a Pyramid encompassing the liver. The liver is located on the right side of the body right below the lungs. It is divided into four lobes. The largest lobe is on the right, the next largest is the left lobe. The other two lobes are very small and tucked around the two larger lobes . Among the 500 functions of the liver are the following: Production of bile from the pigment of red blood cells. Uptake and release of glucose and storage as glycogen. Removal of urea from amino acids. Activates T Cells which are the major immune response factor. The heat produced by the liver’s many processes helps maintain body temperature. It is the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself. The liver Matrix is the first Matrix of the immune triad. Activate via S/C/S. You can experiment with using the Detox Matrix in conjunction with the Liver Matrix to bring balance and start the body’s natural ability to detoxify the liver. See plate 51 for the schematic of the Immune System. You can practice using the Liver Matrix by viewing it at this link and following Dr. Paul's directions.