The Doctor

Dr. Paul Mychaluk received his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College in Iowa and opened the Haverford Chiropractic Center in 1980. He has continued to expand his level of expertise in Chiropractic and other related therapies since then. He is known for his gentle yet deeply effective care. Chiropractic Adjustments are applied to the spine, the cranium and all extremities. Soft tissue manipulation is also employed in the most gentle way, resulting in deep relaxation and relief of acute and chronic spasms and inflammation.

Those who know him appreciate his sensitivity and caring and his keen intuitive sight. His masterful technique is reflective of his years of practice and study. Some of the techniques and modalities he employs are:

  • The Electrical Matrix
  • Total Body Modification (TBM)
  • Neural Organizational Technique (NOT)
  • Neural Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Meridian Therapy
  • Cranial Therapy
  • Therapeutic Muscle Testing
  • Motion Palpation
  • Torque Release
  • Applied Trigger Point Therapy
  • Frequency Specific Micro-current

He enjoys sharing his research on the Electrical Current of the body through his Self-Healing Workshop, THE ELECTRICAL MATRIX: The Schematic of the DC Current of the Body.

Click here for more information on The Electrical Matrix Workshop.

Many complaints not alleviated by traditional approaches to Chiropractic and other alternative health care are relieved by the use of The Electrical Matrix.

It is an extremely gentle approach with a profound healing effect.

Other Services Provided by Dr. Mychaluk are:

  • Personal Health Consultations - In office or phone appointments
  • Customized Electrical Matrix Consultations - In office or phone appointments
  • Far-Infrared Therapy
  • Chiropractic Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

In addition to his Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Mychaluk holds a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Certificate of Completion of the Masters Program with Peace Theological Seminary. He is also a contributing Member to the Institute of Individual & World Peace.