New Patient Center

Welcome to the new patient center for Haverford Chiropractic Inc!

In this area of the website, you have the option to take care of the items necessary for your chiropractic visit prior to arriving, in the comfort of your own home. However, it is not required, and you are welcome to fill the forms out at the office when you arrive. If you do make this choice, be sure to arrive 10 minutes before the time of your appointment so you have time to fill out the forms before your appointment with Dr. Mychaluk.

If you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to contact our Wayne chiropractic office at (610) 687-8280

Click here to download and print our online forms.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have insurance that covers out-of-network Chiropractic care, please bring your insurance card with you so that we can copy it for our files We provide a free service of submitting your insurance forms for you to your insurance company. Payment is due at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, check or MC/VISA or DISCOVER. Reimbursement from your insurance provider will be received according to your plan, once you have met your deductible. Please feel free to speak with Mary at (610) 687-8280 about any questions or concerns regarding your insurance submissions. We are happy to do all that we can to be of service to you and look forward to assisting you with improving your level of health and well being.