First Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, so that you have time to fill out your intake forms and find a parking space and be on time for your appointment. A $50 discount is available to you for your first visit. To receive this discount, please click this link and print out the page, and then click the link to download our intake forms, fill them out in advance, and bring them with you to your first visit. You may also fax them to us at 610-687-8103. Please call (610) 687-8280 to confirm our receipt of your fax. It will not be necessary for you to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment if you have already filled in the forms. But you may want to arrive 5 minutes early to find a parking space.

Dr. Mychaluk will review the forms and answer any questions that you may have about your health-related concerns.

After assessing your condition, reviewing your history, and conducting an examination, he will provide treatment drawing from any of the following modalities:

Therapeutic Muscle Testing - a widely recognized and utilized tool which facilitates assessment of your condition. The body can be strengthened or weakened by contact with various substances, or even by our thoughts or feelings and treatment can be applied to neutralize its reactions and bring them into balance.

Motion Palpation - a technique of assessing the dynamic motion of specific segments of the spine or extremities during movement or activity, such as a golf swing, and determining the areas of dysfunction between them.

The Electrical Matrix - a technique developed by Dr. Mychalujk that assesses weakness, imbalance or dysfunction in the physical body, caused by the body's inability to engage its self-healing mechanism. Re-establishing the brain's communication with the dysfunctioning area brings balance to that body part. This gentle treatment results in alleviation of the physical body symptoms, thereby returning the body to normal functioning. See our section on The Electrical Matrix for more details.

Chiropractic Adjustment to cranium, spine, or extremities -- from your head to your toes.

Cranial Therapy - which relieves pressure on the covering of the brain and facilitating greater circulation of blood and cerebral spinal fluid, which is essential for optimal brain functioning.

Neuro-Emotional Technique - to clear emotional causes of acute or chronic conditions, getting to the root of the issue. Emotions have been found to have physical counterparts called neuropeptides which can enable an emotion to travel to different parts of the body and cause blocks. NET corrects and removes the physical emotional blocks from the body caused by emotional trauma. The body's innate ability to heal itself is restored with the removal of the emotional block through the use of this technique.

Total Body Modification Technique - a technique which evaluates energy imbalances in the organs, glands and functions of the body. Correction is given by restoring balance to the nervous system through the stimulation of specific reflex points located along the spine.

Applied Trigger Point Therapy - manually releasing severe contractions, pain or dysfunction of the muscles. Trigger points can be caused by injury, trauma or poor posture, and repetitive exercise. Dr. Mychaluk's gentle approach clears out the trigger point and normal functioning of the muscle and alleviation of pain results. Greater range of motion and flexibility is returned as well.

Frequency Specific MicroCurrent - is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current. Dr. Mychaluk recommends it highly and you can learn more at this link. It has been found to be useful for:

Fibromyalgia, Auto, Work and Sports Injuries, Scar Tissue & Fibroid Tissue, Fractures, Wound Healing, Trigger Point Therapy, Discogenic & Joint Pain, Post Herpetic Neuralgia, Post-Surgical Pain & Healing, Neuropathic Pain, Constipation, Cystitis, Frozen Shoulder, Myofascial Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Rapid Pain Management, Tendon & Ligament Repair, Simulation of Acupuncture Points, Balance Energy Meridians, Edema/Lymphatic Drainage, TMJ Dysfunction, Carpal Tunnerl Syndrome, Lympathic Congestion, Endometriosis, Viral Infections, Nerve Root Irritation.

Regarding X-ray Studies/ MRI's etc.

Dr. Mychaluk recommends x-rays or MRI's only if they appear necessary. If they are needed, he will write a prescription for you to take to your local hospital or x-ray service. If you have already had x-rays or an MRI taken, please bring them with you to your first visit. Medicare does not give Chiropractors the right to order these tests. Therefore, you would need to get recommendation from your primary care giver.

Home Work/Your Participation in Your Healing Process

Dr. Mychaluk may recommend modifications in posture, assign specific exercises or suggest changes to your diet to compliment the treatments. In some cases, he may recommend applications such as heat or ice. Your cooperation and participation is strongly encouraged in order that you receive the greatest results.

The most critical point in your recovery will take place when the pain or disturbance is greatly reduced or even gone. As it leaves, the next step is to re-establish stability in the structure and greater overall balance and harmony. The joints can still be out of alignment without having pain. If they are not holding alignment there will still be interference to the nerve flow and the healing is not yet complete. The true measure of recovery is indicated when the body consistently holds the alignment of the joints. When this is achieved you attain optimal nerve flow and there is the experience of radiant health.

By keeping to the suggested treatment schedule your body will become more stable and balanced, thereby avoiding further re-injury. You will replace the experience of living in chronic pain with an experience of greater vitality.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

Your next appointment will be scheduled at a time that is both convenient for you and within the time frame recommended by Dr. Mychaluk. Optimal recovery is dependent on not allowing the injury to revert back to its former state, while also giving the body a chance to learn to hold the adjustment. Please take care of yourself by keeping to the recommended schedule of visits as best you can.